Early 20th Century Large Apothecary Cabinet

Early 20th Century Large Apothecary Cabinet

Code: 10121


W: 140cm (55.1")H: 79cm (31.1")D: 25cm (9.8")


An early 20th century apothecary cabinet which is completely fresh to the market.

A highly collectable piece of furniture that are now becoming very rare in good order.

There are thirty one flamed mahogany drawers, all dovetailed in wonderful condition, a few of the handles are misssing with age but adds to the complete and original piece of the furniture.

We have cleaned the piece and left it absolutely original to how it was found.

All of the drawers are lined with medical journal papers from 1951 which just adds even more to the beauty.

Overall condition is excellent and one of the best available on the current market.